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Quality and Customer Experience Commitment

At adh, we take our leadership role to the farthest extent possible.

That is the reason why we source all our raw materials and finished goods for direct marketing only from the most reputable suppliers in the world; period.

All our products carry quality and origin certificates.

Because the complexity of the Haitian market, we carry various grades of the same products to ensure all our current and future customers always have and will have access to what they are looking for.

Our production technologies are from internationally renowned solution providers and highly respected within our industry ensuring that our manufactured goods meet the international standards they are marketed under.

Because of the damages incurred by our facilities following the disastrous January 2010 earthquake, our Board of Directors have given us the full green light to redesign and rebuild most of our manufacturing facilities.

As a result, adh will benefit from the latest production process designs and material management techniques, enabling us to offer the best local customer experience measured against the highest international standards.