Our Roots

Aciérie d'Haiti - HAITI STEEL


40 years ago, Acierie d’Haiti was founded as the first steel bar rolling mill in Haiti.

From the beginning, the basic philosophy of the founders was to prove that nothing was insurmountable as they we were on the undeviating mission to participate in the industrialization of a nation.

The first production line was installed by a team of Spaniards and the local staff during the course of 1972 and the first bundle of reinforcing bars was made available for commercialization in February 1973.

The metallurgical activities broadened to include the production of nail and binding wire and polished nails.

In 1980, the company entered in the production of cold-formed welded carbon steel round, square and rectangular structural tubing for general purposes and has since improved efficiencies and quality thanks to a regular program of maintenance and investment in new technology.

Since inception, the company and its management have had to constantly reassess and realign processes and business models to adapt to frequently changing market rules of engagement.

Today, thanks to this devotion and desire to always be at the forefront of our industry, adh is the most solid steel production and distribution center in Haiti, carrying a full range of steel and lumber products.